This guide to help you easily find and know the benefits of different oils. This is just a new addition to Naturalology!

For the pdf  version click the following natural_hair_oils_dictionary


Almond Oil: Softens skin, moisturizes hair, mimics baby sebum(natural oil produced by human skin), strengthens hair.
Recommended for: scalp issues, dry hair, brittle hair.

Apricot Kernel Oil: Moisturizes dry skin, light oil.
Recommeded for: dry scalp, scalp inflammation.

Argan Oil: Moisturizes hair, treats excema.
Recommended for: Dry, flaky scalp, dry hair.

Avocado Butter: Made from the flesh of the Avocado, moisturizes hair, conditions hair, offers mild sun protection.
Recommended for: Dry hair, Sun exposure.

Avocado Oil: Moisturizing, lubricant, slippery oil, high smoke point.
Recommended for: Moisture sealing, heat protection.

Birch Oil: Made from the bark of the Birch tree. Very potent, sweet smell, used to treat, sore muscles, joint pain, and skin problems. Natural aspirin. Potentially Toxic(in high amounts). Exercise caution when using. Dilute with other oils, and water.
Recommended for: Scalp issues.

Broccoli Seed Oil: Gives hair shine, moisturizes hair, natural alternative to silicone in shampoos/conditioners.
Recommended for: Dull hair, dry hair.
Burdock(Bur) Oil: Extracted from the roots of the Burdock plant. Leaves used in treatment of burns. Soothes scalp. Use with Nettle Oil to increase power.
Recommended for: Scalp stimulation, promoting hair growth, scalp issues.


Calendula Oil: Moisturizes dry skin/scalp, reduces inflammation, gentle on sensitive skin.
Recommended for: Scalp itch, dry scalp, inflamed scalp.

Carrot Seed Oil: Rich in Beta Carotene(promotes hair growth), conditions hair, moisturizes hair.
Recommended for: Healthy hair growth, dry hair.

Castor Oil: Thick oil, anti-humectant, lubricant, thickens hair, known to help regrow hair. Known to give hair shine.
Recommended for: Hair loss, humid weather, breakage, dryness, dull hair, breakage.

Cocoa Butter: Rich in nutrients, stimulates hair growth, moisturizes hair, protects hair from hard water, chlorine. Smells like chocolate.
Recommended for: Dry hair, dry scalp, chlorine damage(swimming pool), dealing with hard water. *I would mix cocoa butter with other oils & butters to reap its benefits on the hair.

Coconut Oil: Extracted from the meat of the coconut. Removes product from hair, cleans hair, doesn’t clog pores, bonds to hair, reduces protein loss in hair. Mixes well with all oils.
Recommended for: Build-up, dirty hair, hair/scalp odor, scalp itch caused by build up, homemade hair butters/creams, adding protein to the hair.

Corn Oil: Alleviates dryness, works easily into the hair, balances deficiencies in hair.
Recommended for: Dry hair, brittle hair, hot oil treatments.


Dandelion Oil: Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal.
Recommended for: Scalp issues.


Elecampane(Horse Heal) Root Oil: Extracted from the root of Elecampane. Used to treat Staph infection. Used to treat hair and scalp conditions.
Recommended for: Scalp issues.

Evening Primrose Oil: Anti-inflammatory, known to be a great moisturizer/moisture sealer.
Recommended for: Dry hair, dry scalp, scalp issues.


Flax Seed Oil: Nourishes hair, gives hair shine, strenghtens hair. Good oral supplement to nourish hair from the inside out(help with scalp issues). Alcohol-free preservative for hair products.
Recommended for: Dry hair, dull hair, breakage, extending shelf-life of homemade products. Dandruff/Flaky scalp(especially when taken orally).


Geranium Oil: Essential Oil(natural fragrance). Made through the steam distillation of the Geranium Flower. Sweet aroma, anti-septic, cleansing, deodorant.
Recommended for: Scalp issues, scalp infection, smelly scalp, smelly hair, build up.

Grapeseed Oil: Light oil, coats hair easily, penetrates hair, moisturizes scalp, very high smoke point
Recommended for: Dry scalp, moisture sealing, heat protection. Use with heat-styling products.


Hempseed Oil: Moisturizes skin, high in fatty acids(promotes growth of healthy, strong hair).
Recommended for: dry scalp, general health of of hair

Horsetail Oil: Created by heating dried crushed horsetail in Olive oil, and then straining the mixture. Treats skin infections. Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, treats dandruff, treats brittle nails. Used to treat osteoporosis.
Recommended for: Dandruff, smelly scalp(due to fungus), scalp inflammation, scalp itch, brittle hair.



Jaborandi(Pilocarpus) Oil: Comes from the leaves of the Jaborandi shrub. Used to treat dandruff, baldness, gray hair, glaucoma, diabetes. Used in a medication to treat dry mouth. Stimulates scalp
Recommended For: Graying hair, hair loss, dandruff, scalp issues.

Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes hair and skin, mimics sebum (natural oil produced by humans), gives hair a shine. A vegan alternative Cetyl Alcohol(derived from whale oil). Light oil. Slippery. Works well by itself.
Recommended for: Detangling, moisture sealing, dry scalp, general hair care.


Karanja Oil: From the seeds of the Pongan tree. Relieves dandruff. Tones and cleans the scalp
Recommended for: Dandruff, product build up.

Kukui Nut Oil: Also known as: Candlenut, Candleberry, and the Indian Walnut. Soothes irritated skin.
Recommended for: Scalp issues.


Lemon Oil: Essential Oil. Anti-bacterial, anti-odor, antiseptic properties
Recommended for: Scalp odor, scalp fungus.

Lavender Oil: Essential Oil. Extracted from the Lavender flower. Floral Scent. Natural Deodorant. Has been used to treat head lice, headache, and muscle pain.
Recommended for: Scalp Odor, tender head, head lice.


Macadamia Nut Oil: Soothes dry skin
Recommended for: Dry scalp

Mango Butter: Similar to Cocoa Butter, moisturizes hair, offers mild sun protection.
Recommended for: Moisture sealing, Sun exposure.

Marshmallow Oil: Smoothes and softens hair, helps scalp maintain its moisture level. Excellent detangler.
Recommended for: Dry hair, dry scalp, knots, tangles.
Meadowfoam Seed Oil: Moisturizes dry hair and skin, strengthens brittle hair.
Recommended for: Dry scalp, dry hair, brittle hair.


Neem Oil: Anti bacterial, Anti fungal, reduces skin irritations.
Recommended for: Bacteria on scalp, Scalp odor, dandruff, dry scalp, scalp irritation.

Nettle Oil: Anti-inflammatory, used to treat wrinkles. Has been mixed with saw palmetto to reduce hairloss. Mixed with Burdock oil for scalp stimulation.
Recommended for: Scalp issues, hair growth.


Olive Oil: Attracts moisture, lubricant, gives hair shine, great all-purpose hair oil.
Recommended for: Detangling, Moisture sealing, general hair care.


Palm Kernel Oil: Similar to coconut oil, mixes well with other oils, moisturizes hair.
Recommended for: Moisture sealing, creating your own hair creams/butters.

Pumpkin Seed Oil: Promotes pigment formation, fights gray hairs.
Recommended for: Enhancing natural hair color.

Peanut Oil:  Adds shine to hair, helps hair retain moisture, bonds well to keratin(what your hair/skin/nails are mostly made of). Similar to olive oil
Recommended for: Dry hair, dull hair, deep conditioning, general hair care.



Rice Bran Oil: Similar in composition to Peanut Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. Carrier Oil
Recommended for: Scalp issues, protein treatments, general hair care, mixing with other oils, carrying fragrance.

Rosehip Seed Oil(Rosa Mosqueta): Rejuvenates skin cells
Recommended for: Scalp issues

Rosemary Oil: Stimulates hair follicles, removes dandruff, slows hair loss, slows graying of hair.
Recommended for: Issues with dandruff, cleaning scalp, hair loss, graying hair,


Safflower Oil: Moisturizes Skin/Hair
Recommended for: Dry scalp

Sea Buckthorn: Soothes damaged skin.
Recommended for: Scalp issues.

Sesame Oil: Heavy Oil, moisturizes dry skin.
Recommended for: Dry scalp, sun exposure.

Shea Butter: Naturally ranges in color from off-white to bright yellow. Has smokey/woody smell unless refined(many nutrients lost when refined). Moisturizes hair, softens hair, offers mild sun protection, soothes dry skin, protects hair, stretches hair.
Recommended for: General hair care, smoothing hair, sun exposure, creating hair creams and butters.

Shea Oil: Created by pressing and fully refining fruits of the Kante Tree, moisturizes hair, and skin, thick oil, lubricant.
Recommended for: Dry hair, dry ends.

Soybean Oil: Inexpensive, moisturizes hair, softens hair, adds protein to hair.
Recommended for: Useful oil on a tight budget, hot oil treatment, dry hair, protein treatment.

Sunflower Oil : Regenerates skin, moisturizes dry skin, protects skin.
Recommended for: Scalp issues.


Tamanu Oil: Carrier Oil, Smells like vanilla, butter, and pecan. Soothes dry skin. Anti-inflammatory. Treats cuts
Recommended for: Dry scalp, scalp itch, scalp issues, homemade hair products.Tea Tree Oil: Disinfectant, anti-bacterial, deodorant, antiseptic, natural preservative. Smells like pine.
Recommended for: Scalp issues, scalp odor.


Ucuuba Butter: Pressed from the seeds of the Ucuuba tree. Natural pomade. Vitamin rich, promotes cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory.
Recommended for: General hair health, Scalp issues. Natural/Healthy alternative to Mineral Oil pomades.


Vegetable Oil: Usually just another name for Soybean Oil.



Wild Cherry Bark Oil: Made from the dried inner bark and root bark of the black cherry tree. Astringent, anti-inflammatory.
Recommended for: Scalp Issues, smelly scalp.

Wheat Germ Oil: Carrier Oil, rich in vitamins, rich in protein, used to treat/slow hair loss.
Recommended for: Hair loss, scalp massage, protein treatments, mixing with other oils.



Yarrow Oil: Treats cracks and wounds, anti-inflammatory.
Recommended for: Scalp issues, dry scalp.

Yellow Dock Oil: Made from the leaf stocks of the Yellow Dock plant(leaf stocks eaten in salads). Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, used to treat STDs, used as/in toothpastes, used to treat skin diseases.
Recommended for: Scalp itch, scalp odor(caused by fungus), scalp issues.



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