What does Natural-ology mean? Ology means = any science or branch of knowledge. So put it together; Natural Science! Naturalology is natural hair care blog devoted to help serve and give knowledge of things regarding HAIR! There are over 60 articles made just for that cause. There are plenty of things you can find here and much more on the way. Always expect good information and true natural knowledge every-time you read an article.

The new Natural Hair Movement has come so far, and with the help of myself and other fellow natural hair care bloggers, we can all play a huge part in the acceptance of natural hair. Long before this time, it wasn’t cool or nice to wear “our” hair. Now, with all the research, products, and determination, Natural Hair has become a great deal in our African American world today. With hundreds of natural hair companies founded and settled and some on the rise, we can all share our thoughts, dreams, and goals for this wonderful Natural Hair Epidemic!

Won’t you Join? 


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