modestyplusglamour_1366920045_96My name is Ronnie, I am a 18 yrs. and devoted to natural beauty and modest fashion. Fashioned by God to be radiantly beautiful for His purpose and His glory! Founder of NaturalologyBlog, and also my new blog Modesty+GlamourBlog, a natural beauty and modest fashion website/blog. I like to refer to myself as a beauty and modest fashion editor. One of my dreams is too create a magazine full hair, skin, modest fashion tips and advice.

I want my hair to be healthy, long and strong! While documenting my tips, articles, and recipes with others on this site I hope they will become inspired.

Thank you for viewing my blog!


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2 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. Reading your Inspired Word I know why I am on your site. I am 75 years of age and just had my hair cut into a short fro. I am allergy to strong scents and must use all unscented products. Internet search revealed some products but unwilling to purchase a product and it doesn’t work. I want to use something to reveal natural curl softly. Will try the Flax seed gel. If possible can you find ideas. easy styles for seniors, those with limited incomes and others who have physical issues which inhibits ability to have nice looking hair. I am inspired by your entrepreneurship and being a Believer. I will email my friends about you- they range from your age to mine.
    Peace and Grace,
    eleanor johnson

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