Hair Breakage from “High Buns”: TIPS to PREVENT IT & RECOVER

I know, I know! Their sleek, sophisticated, low maintenance, easy, and the list really goes on, right? High buns were a big trend and in a sense, they still are. We loved them so much we wore the mess out of those buns lol seriously! They were the style of our week at times. I know personally, I wore them all too much, I would “co-wash” my hair just for a bun to make it look even better, I know it wasn’t just me! However, I didn’t know the danger of wearing the same style that “high” on my head for a long period of time. Danger! What’s so bad about a high bun? I thought it was a protective style? Let’s talk about it darling. Let’s quickly learn about what you could be doing wrong shall we?


Here we have it! The combing, the brushing, adding gel, brushing again, the tight ponytail on top of your head (friction), etc. you get the point, but here’s the catch, we repeat this style week by week, day by day, and never think about the friction of the back of our head. Now don’t confuse yourself reading this, this article is not about how we shouldn’t wear buns, what I am telling you is, that repeating the same stress on your hair, especially the back (where most women’s hair is shorter), all the time is not a good idea. We used to avoid doing tight ponytails and buns because we wanted to save our edges and hairline. That unnecessary pulling cannot be done on a regular basis, have you ever wondered why the back of your hair is uncomfortable or hurts when you complete an “high” bun? I’ll leave you to it.


There are a lot of women who are relating to this article, we did it as teenagers all time. Getting our hair done or doing it ourselves, realizing that the front of our hair is longer than the back. Who else remembers the days when we use to put a bobby-pin on the back of hair to secure the shorter part? I want the women who constantly use buns, as a way of protective styling, to try something different. Although you might not see the effects of your style now, I don’t want anyone to flat-iron their hair one day to only realize that your hair is uneven because of that “protective style” we’ve been faithfully using.

Tip #1


Try doing high buns on a minimum basis. Try lowering the bun to very back to relieve some of that stress you’ve been adding to it. This tip alone will help your hair!

Tip #2

Un-detangled hair in a bun must be the worst bun. Especially if you are transitioning, the root of your hair will obviously be thicker than the rest, imagine how the roots of your hair will look if you just slap some gel on them edges and get to brushing! NO MA’AM! Make sure you are detangling your hair before you pull it up in a bun.

Tip #3

Breakage around the holder is important. You know that seam where the two ends come together? Beware of it! Buy some seamless holders to prevent snagging and pulling of the hair. You can even try using a headband as a ponytail holder. But the seamless bands are usually good.

Tip #4

Remember how I told you I use to co-wash my hair for buns? DON’T DO IT! Hair is softer, a lot more fragile, and prone to more breakage when wet! Breakage is even more prominent when styling wet hair so avoid this at all cost.

Tip #5

I’m used to seeing women only use three items when achieving a bun… brush, gel, and a holder. We must get into the habit of moisturizing our hair properly! Not only are we doing a bun but were using dry hair to do so? No, no, no! Dry hair in a bun will cause more “unnecessary” breakage. Adding a little hair milk or hair lotion only to the back and front of the hair is not enough. When doing a bun or ponytail try using a liquid/spray moisturizer or leave in conditioner, this is more effective because of its ability to get in areas without having to apply a cream based conditioner with your hands. Also, make sure you moisturize your ends with the same liquid/spray moisturizer and even use some oil on those ends. Try it you’ll see. Trust me!

Is it too late?


If you already suffer from the unfortunate results of buns then we just need to learn and grow. Lets get into ways to recover from breakage.

Tip #1 The only we need to be worried about at the moment is not doing another bun or ponytail for a while.

Tip #2

Deep conditioning weekly or bi-weekly (whenever your scheduled wash day is) is a must! This will help add moisture back into the hair to rebuild and repair.  Also, make sure you add protein treatments into your wash day routine. This is even more important because we want to rebuild protein and structure back into the hair to regain strength.

Tip #3

Be patient. Literally

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