I know what your thinking.How can you do a wash and go with heat damage? The answer is… It  “ALMOST” depends on how badly your damage is.

If you suffer from severe damage, then doing a wash n go may not be the most important think you should be worried about. Now that we have the disclaimer out the way, let’s discuss this Wash N’ Go! Here are some of things you’ll need to complete a curly, defined, and moisturized wash n go.

Clean Hair


Cleaning the hair is very important if you are trying to obtain a defined wash n go. having build up in your hair while trying to style will only result in weighed-down hair. Clean the hair with the shampoo of your choice (sulfate-free, to avoid dryness) or you can even try co-washing. Whatever you do make sure the hair is clean.



Now that your hair is clean, you must understand how to apply the products to ensure a good wash n go. The method in which it goes is as follows: Moisturize, Style, Define, and Shine. You always want to apply your products by sections, if your hair starts to get dry then simply spray with water.

Apply leave-in and work into a medium section of hair in a soft raking motion. After that apply your product for styling and work into the same section; then apply an defining product to the same section. This may seem like a lot of product but trust me, if you are natural your hair can get dry really fast so make sure it is completely moisturized.



This is the most important step in this hair style. Use a good moisturizer to make sure your hair does not dry out throughout the day. The best thing to use for this is to find a good leave-in=conditioner. Here are some really good ones.

After you have moisturized your hair now its time to move on to the next step.


This step is also important because this is what is going to give your curls the definition your looking for. Simply choose the styling product of your choice, and apply in each section in the order given above.Make sure to completely work the product through the hair.Here are some of my favorite stylers:

Now that you have worked in your styler let’s now move on to the Defining!



Defining is the easiest step in this process. All you do is take a hold product such as Gel and use it to work into the section and scrunch the hair. After you finish with the defining. You can allow your hair to air-dry or use the diffuser on the dryer. Here are some good gels to use:


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