Caring for your hair while in cornrows is something we rarely ever think about? In many cases we just spray our hair and walk out the door.

Hair still needs to be treated while you’re in corn rows, a lot of people love them because its gives their hair a break from damage, heat, etc. There are various styles to choose from (just look some up on the internet). Being in cornrows does not mean you have to look boring, you can choose from varying hair extensions, and styles.

How many times have you had cornrows, and it seems like you have an indefinite itch???? Here are a few tips that may help solve that problem and many more.

Washing: Get a mild shampoo; you can still shampoo your hair while it’s cornrowed. When wanting to clarify your hair whiles its braided in your cornrows I suggest using a baby shampoo, that’s all organic. This will not strip your hair of oils and will still cleanse your scalp. Alternatively I suggest grating a bar of black soap and dissolving it in distilled water adding essential oils and using it as a shampoo to clarify. Just make sure that you have all the little black soap bit dissolved or else you may have residual left even after you rinse.

2. Conditioning: Conditioning your hair while in corn rows is an absolute must, I assure you, reason being when you take down the corn rows, this will help ,with hair not being too dry which will minimize breakage during taking down. Make a conditioner that it suitable to be used between the hair / cornrow tracks which is two parts water and one Part conditioner. Diluting the conditioner will help with the rinsing of the conditioner as well. Using a heavy hair conditioner, may lead too you have buildup between the hair tracks and residual that will dry white, and that’s really not what we want}

3. Rinsing: You can always do a apple cider rinse while you’re in corn rows. This should be simple just One cup Apple cider vinegar and three cups water, preferably distilled, water.{ Distilled water is the best when doing a Apple cider vinegar rinse since it has been cleared of mineral buildup. And the purpose of the Apple cider Vinegar rinse is to remove buildup from between layers of the hair shaft. This is water is the best when used as the final hair rinse}.

4. Moisturizing: When moisturizing hair while in cornrows, try keeping away from oils based moisturizers, keeping to humectants and ingredient’s that will actually penetrate the hair shaft. Oils will just sit on the top of the hair extensions and you end up with oily hair. Getting rid of excess oil in hair while in cornrows is a nearly impossible mission. Type one hair types should stay clear of heavy oil, rather stick to silicones and leave-ins

5. Combating the Itch: Use witch-hazel extract that’s the best advice I can give you. It works hands down use it when you scalp gets itchy it’s really the best honestly.


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