Hello Everyone,

This Summer i decided to do something different so I registered for the KCCM (KinkyCoilyCurlyMe) Castor Oil Challenge.  What is a Castor Oil Challenge? It is when you use castor oil for a specific period of time for hair growth retention. “While we understand that your hair will not grow to waist length in 3 months, we know that with consistent use of castor oil you WILL reap great benefits. This challenge is our way of motivating you to partake in a routine healthy hair regimen using castor oil and we hope that you will be motivated enough to continue this regimen after the challenge.” —

Challenge Rules

You can use any type of Castor Oil you desire ( Regular Pharmacy Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, etc.) Get your castor oil right away so you have it in time for the beginning of the challenge. Hurry the Challenge starts today.

Note: I posted a side link on the blog (Naturalology) weeks before, so if you were not able register, You still have hope: The last day to register for this challenge is June 7th 2013″
You must apply the castor oil to your hair/scalp 3x’s a week at the minimum.

*You must check in each week from June 1,2013 to Sept 1, 2013. Every Saturday morning there will be a new weekly check in post. There will be NEW check in questions each week. To check in, all you have to do is answer the check in questions. Capisce?
Alright… so those were the rules you have to follow during the challenge, here’s how you join the challenge

How to Enter the Challenge

o enter this challenge you must do the following by June 7th, 2013: 
Leave a comment to this post answering the following

1. What type of Castor Oil will you be using? 
(Regular Pharmacy Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil,etc)

2. How long is your hair now-front, sides, and back? 
(eye brow length, nose length, chin length, shoulder length etc)

3.How will you be using your Castor Oil? And How often?
(Edges, Scalp, Sealing Hair, Hot oil treatmentsDeep Conditioning, Overnight Steaming, Avocado Treatment, etc. / 3x a week, 5x a week, etc.)

4. Attach at least one photo, showing your length, to your comment.  This photo will be your BEFORE to compare to your AFTER photo at the conclusion of the challenge. If you are uncomfortable with sharing your pics, that’s fine, but no pic, no prize.
(To attach a photo in the comment box you first need to be on a computer, you cannot attach pics from your phone or ipad or tablet. Then click in the comment box to activate the box. After you click in the box you will see “+image” in the lower left hand corner, click it and upload as many photos showing the length of your hair as it is now)

5. SUBSCRIBE to the Castor Oil Challenge Newsletter. Every week I will send out an email reminding you to check in.  If you want to receive this email be sure to sign up especially if you know YOU will forget to check in. LOL

If you are already subscribed to a previous castor oil challenge newsletter, YOU WILL NEED TO SUBSCRIBE AGAIN

6. Join this website and become a KCCM Naturalista, click on “Join this Site” on the right sidebar.

7. Join us on FACEBOOK, give us a shout on the wall! (No FB? That’s okie, no worries)

8. Subscribe to Jenell on YouTube, to stay updated on hair tutorials and hair care info. (I appreciate your support in advanced!)




If the great growth, healthy, shiny soft, and supple hair isn’t enough for you, there will be a fabulous grand prize of $100 of SheaMoisture goodies at the conclusion of the challenge.  The winner of the grand prize will be announced on Saturday Sept 7, 2013. You must have a beginning and an ending photo to be eligible for the prize. You must have been ACTIVE during the challenge? What’s active? Checking in at least 9x during the challenge is active.

The last day to register for this challenge is June 7th 2013


Can I participate in the challenge if I’m wearing a protective style? YES, your hair needs to be treated with the same level of care, if not more when you have a protective style.

2) Isn’t Pharmacy Castor Oil a laxative? I can use that? YES it is and YES you can use it. All oils have multiple functions. We cook with Coconut and Olive oil, but we also use it on our skin and in our hair.

3) I’m not natural and my hair is relaxed, can I still participate? YES, everyone deserves healthy long hair.

4) I have locs, can I participate? YES, all styles are welcome.

5) Can I participate in the challenge if I’m wearing a weave, extensions, twists, braids etc? YES

6) I won’t be able to check in every week, can I join? YES, you can join, but you can’t win grand prize if you don’t check in at least 9 times.

7) Must I have long hair to join? NO, all lengths are allowed.

8) Where can I buy Castor Oil?  You can get castor oil at many places – Beauty Supply Stores, Wholefoods, Trader Joes, Natural/Health Food Stores, Online (Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe and many other places).

9) I purchased “castor oil” but it looks like hair grease, can I use this? If the ingredients say anything more than castor oil, then I advise you not use it. Some companies have hair grease, with petroleum and/or mineral oil in it, but call it “Castor Oil” because the product does contain castor oil. For this challenge, we are using pure/organic liquid castor oil.

10)I’m having trouble uploading a pic what should I do? Unfortunately, because we use the Disqus commenting program, we can’t control errors with their commenting program. I can only advise you to answer the check in questions and then try to upload a picture at another time.

11) I registered and I don’t see my comment, what do I do? There may be hundreds of comments and I believe the comments are posted from Newest (at the top) to oldest ( at the bottom). You may need to click “Load More Comments” down at the bottom to see your comments. However, if you submitted the comment, I most likely do have it in my email, even if you can’t see it or find it here on the website.

12) I want to register now, but I can’t upload my pic, what should I do? Register now and come back and upload your pic no later than June 7th.


Don’t forget to invite others. 





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