protein-treatments-for-african-american-hairAfrican American hair needs nourishment and constant treatments. Whether it be a Deep Conditioning Treatment or a  Protein Treatment to be able to grow and have good health. Regular protein treatments can help you in many ways, so lets begin this topic.

Why do you Protein?

Hair is made up of Keratin Protein, it consist of 91% of your hair. And because you and your hair can age, you may damage it with heat or chemicals, it is very important to put that lost protein back into the hair. It is meant to repair loss protein due to damage or age. A protein treatment adds strength, restores protein, and adds elasticity to the hair. The proteins can be lost through relaxing, using excessive heat styling, color and daily styling. The more you relax, color, style etc, the more frequent you’ll need protein treatments. To help keep your hair healthy and strong, you need to rebuild the hair shaft and put that protein back in there!

What kind of Protein Treatment do I need?

There are two ways to get this protein. Your first option is to buy a protein treatment. Keratin treatments are available in stores. Keratin helps rebuild the hair shaft that is naturally made of protein. But, most keratin treatments are hydrolyzed and water soluble, it has been made water soluble so that they could infuse it, the water, into the hair products.

The most Popular Store-Bought Treatments are:

  1. Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor
  2. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap treatment
  3. Redken Extreme Cat Protein Restructuring Treatment for Distressed

Your second option is to make your treatment. Yes, I said make it! The best way to get a DIY Protein Treatment, is by using an egg. Egg is nothing but protein, and if you want to do this naturally, an egg would be best! I like to use eggs in may hair, because I am a Mixtress, so its kind of my thing. THE RECIPE FOR THE DIY EGG TREATMENT IS COMING SOON!

How often should I use protein treatments?

If you color, relax, or use heat to your hair, you should use protein treatments regularly, depending on how damaged your hair is. See a professional if you color or relax your hair. For natural women, every two months will be just enough. You don’t have to do it, but just make sure that in one year you have done at least 4 or 5, you really should be at 6.

If you hair is breaking or shedding excessively, you should also do a protein treatment. Another thing, if your hair is not properly balanced (Moisture and Protein), than you should do a treatment. When the hair is too moisturized, it can cause your hair to be weak. You have to keep it strong and balanced.

To follow: There will be an Article on how to achieve this DIY: PROTEIN TREATMENT coming soon!


  1. Hi, My daughter is Bi-racial. she has the best super curly, bushy hair that her and I both LOVE!!! BUT, her sides and front hairs always break off. What kind of DIY treatments do you recommend?


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