Hair needs to be fed with nourishment and hydration that it can absorb and keep until moisture it applied again. The trick is finding a moisturizer that will keep hair hydrated and quenched unto you reapply your moisturizer. Most moisturizers lend a sheen to hair for the few first hours after hair moisture has been applied and a few hours later the moisture either evaporates or slides right down the hair shaft and off your hair.
What hair needs in moisture that it can absorb, oils are great but most oils have molecules that are too big to penetrate the hair shaft. So the best way is to combine the oils, with substances that actually penetrate the hair shaft.


1 Table spoon Glycerin: Acts as a humectant, forces the hair shaft to hold water and moisture that it comes into contact with from the environment and applications of hair products
• 1 Table spoon Aloe Vera Gel: Acts as a detangler, promotes hair growth because of the enzyme’s in the Aloe plant
• 2 Table spoons Avocado oil: Rich in protein, adds nourishment to the hair shaft and lends a sheen to hair
• 1 Cup Shea butter: Rich in vitamin A, that assists in regeneration of the scalp, thus improving the over performance of hair growth. She butter is also rich in fatty acids, that coat the hair shaft thus keeping it in a healthy condition
• 1 Table spoon Sweet almond oil: promotes hair growth, helps fortify the hair shaft to due its protein content
• 1 Table spoon Jojoba seed oil: Jojoba oil, helps improve hair growth, by unblocking pores on the scalp.
• 1 Table spoon Macadamia seed oil: very similar to sebum, its absorb my hair and scalp very easily its rich in protein and helps improve blood circulation due to its content of vitamin E.



Using the double boiler method, add the Shea Butter
Add the all the Oils
Add the Aloe Vera Gel
Then add the Glycerin
And blend, until you have a smooth paste that’s easy to apply
Place the mixture in an opaque bottle

One response to “KEEP HAIR HYDRATED

  1. Hi there. Thanks so much for this information. I too have been suffering from dry hair. I just followed your blog. Check out my blog when you get a chance. I’m currently transitioning. 11 months-NO PERM.
    Have a great day! 🙂

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