One thing all us naturals know is that is it important for us not only to condition and moisturize, but deep condition! There are many benefits to treating your hair with a deep conditioner. It’s one of the best things you can do for your hair.

Benefits of Using Deep Conditioners

  • Using a deep conditioner on a regular basis can help your hair bounce back from dryness and damage.
  • You hair’s elasticity will improve because of the emollients and other moisturizing ingredients in the conditioner.
  • Other ingredients in the conditioner will help fill holes of damage that lead to poor porosity.

Use a Deep Hair Conditioner Regularly

How often you deep condition can depend on how often you cleanse and condition your hair. If you wash your hair once a week (a good schedule!), you can plan to deep condition every other week or at least once a month.

If your hair is damaged or feeling extremely dry, you can deep condition more often until it gets back to a healthier condition. I would not recommend deep conditioning too often because there is the potential that it could make your hair too mushy which could cause just as much damage.

Deep Conditioning… How???

This is a easy process, you don’t to worry about time consumption. To see a process illustration, I would suggest that you go to YOU TUBE, and search for deep conditioning for natural hair; or click here to see a video that I personally love and recommend. “DEEP CONDITIONING NATURAL HAIR”

After you apply the deep conditioner you can use one of these methods to help penetrate the cuticle for soft, moisturized hair.

  1. Use a heated towel and wrap around your head for 30 min
  2. Use a hooded dryer and sit under for 30 min as well
  3. Plastic shower cap…. do something around the house (watch TV, cook, clean, etc)
  4. You can even you a steamer, for 30 min

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