Many women dread oiling the scalp because the oils drips everywhere, it may weigh the hair down, to time-consuming. There are way to solve all those problems, and I will tell you how.


This is probably the most annoying thing about oil the scalp, right??? I even use to think so! However, there is a way to fix that problem.

A plastic bottle with a tip! This is the most inexpensive way to put a stop to annoying oil drippings. Simply pour an oil fo your choice (light), into the bottle and oil the scalp with the tip. Done, that was easy!


A lot of women don’t like to use oil because they feel like it weighs the hair down. True, depending on what type of oil you use and what kind of hair status or style you have. Your status meaning, relaxed or natural! If you are relaxed then you should try using oils during the washing process, after all relaxer is out, then do a hot oil treatment, sit under a hooded dryer or heat cap for 15 min, and rinse out with a light conditioner, and style as usual (this goes for flat ironed hair as well). Also, oil the scalp about 1-2 weeks before re-applying a relaxer.

If you are natural, than oiling your would not be what you call a problem. It may cause a little build-up depending on how much you use and how often you use it. You should oil your scalp with a light oil once or twice a week. Natural women should really focus on the dryness of their actual hair, not their scalp. the scalp does not have a problem with being moisturized, because it produces its own oil called sebum. However, if you are one to constantly dry it out by using harsh shampoos, excessive and unnecessary heat, or harsh chemicals, then you would need to do some conditioning and moisturizing treatments (deep conditioning, hot oil treatment, or oil hair rinse). Oil the hair as needed, do not oil the scalp everyday. To much oil can make the hair look greasy!


Heavy oils are what causes heaviness to the scalp. Use a light oil such as Extra Light Olive Oil, Almond, Coconut, or try finding a light oil such as  Natural Amber Botanical Light Oil Hair Spray or try finding one that best fits you. You may have an oily scalp that doesn’t need any additional oil; yes, you can have dry black hair with an oily scalp. It may not be the norm, but it happens. Your hair is what requires moisture, which is why you apply products to it.

Here are some good benefits for oiling the scalp:

  • Massaging oil into your hair stimulates blood circulation and relaxes your body
  • Oil gives hair extra shine
  • Oiling your scalp encourages growth and add moisture
  • Oiling scalp can fight against dandruff and dry scalp
  • Oil conditions your hair and prevents it from being brittle and dull
  • Some oils like castor oil and coconut oil promote hair growth
  • Hot oil treatments lock in added moisture, increasing shine, body and bounce.

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