Ugh, washing my face. I know I have to do it. But it is so easy to justify reason’s why I don’t need to, “I will wash it in the morning,” or, “Just this one time will not matter,” or, “I am way too tired, I will exfoliate tomorrow.” Believe me, I think I have used every excuse not to sometimes. I have been better at washing every night since I have gotten older, but it needs to be a ‘Must.’ Here are 5 reasons that can help you to remember why you want to wash your face every night.

1. Washing your face removes not only makeup, but the dirt and dust that your face accumulated throughout the day. Makeup clogs your pores and is filled with all the outside elements from the day like dirt, dust, smoke, smog, etc. The make-up acts like a magnet for all of those things.

2. When you leave your makeup on too long your pores will get clogs and that can lead to large pores, acne, rashes, and irritated skin. That can also cause our skin to feel rough and uneven.

3. When you don’t remove eye shadow, or mascara, it is possible that you may touch or rub your eyes while you sleep, and that can cause your lashes to break and become brittle. It can also cause some eye irritations and possible infections.

4. Your face needs to exfoliate naturally by shedding the dead skin, but if your makeup is left on your face, it does not allow that to happen.That can cause a dull appearance, or flaky dry skin that are uneven on your face.

5. Your skin repairs itself at night and clean skin can absorb skincare products better. Don’t forget that moisturizer! Always apply your clinical products after you wash your face.

If you are just too tired to wash your face before you go to bed, just wash your face right when you get home from work so you don’t wind down and make excuses that you are too tired.

Provided by: http://www.mythirtyspot.com


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