Have you found that favorite product that you’ve been looking for, that your hair loves, and your wallet too? Do you stick to it? For many, some can say yes! But for many more, they can say, no! Some women are really wasting their money on products that don’t even need. There is nothing wrong with trying new products, but if you are purchasing products that your wallet and bank account cant afford, who are you benefiting???

I’m sorta of a product junkie, I do purchase products that will have the greatest benefit for my hair, as well as my mamma’s wallet :)! But I do find products that are on the inexpensive side, with the same benefits and results! I refuse pay over $12 for a single product! What are some ways women can over spend and waste money on hair care and products?

1. Being a Product Junkie

Like i stated before, there is nothing wrong with trying new products, but, you don’t have to constantly spend, spend, spend! Try limiting your self to a certain amount of money that you can afford to buy for a single product  and a budget that will work for you. Do not spend $42.99 for a 8 oz (1 cup) of Curly Pudding or Meringue, that is absolutely ridiculous! Everything is not going to work for you, so don’t invest in something that will have no benefit for you.  Know the hair you have to get the hair you want!

2. Trimming your ends to frequently 

Most beauticians will tell you should trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. The reality is, that is not true for natural women. Natural hair is in far better state than relaxed, due to the absence of  constant heat and damage, and chemicals. Also we natural women rely on protective styling and low manipulation, so our ends wont get enough damage and manipulation to split, fray, or break.  Determine for yourself how often you should trim your ends. Some women only trim about once or twice a year, but determine for your own self. Only trim your ends when necessary, you do not have to trim just because.

3. Expensive hair styles with no lasting period

Why spend $80 on a up-do or $65 on a twist out, that will only last a few days??? First of all, you can twist your own hair, you may not feel like it, but your are capable. To get your  moneys worth, try doing your own hair or find someone in your neighborhood or get a friend to do it. Or to really get your moneys worth try getting style that will last for a good period of time. Like flat twist, individual braids or twist, or cornrows.


Find a product that you can afford and that your hair loves and your wallet too!

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