Relaxing hair leaves hair straight easier to manage, but there are some steps to help hair rebuild its strength. The technique of relaxing as we know straightens hair by breaking protein bonds in hair down. To keep hair strong and less breakable in the long run you need to help your hair get its strength back. Protein bonds may have broken but the protein in your hair can be added to and build back up.

When washing
When washing hair that has been recently relaxed stay away from shampoo’s in general, try using a conditioner that will cleanse the oil build up on the scalp and hair while, replenishing your hair with moisture and nourishment. Try using a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo!


Deep Conditioning 

Because your hair has lost alto of protein, you want to help build up some strength so your hair can strive too be healthy. You can also use a natural hair conditioning treat such as, a Henna treatment that would also leave the hair stronger as well. Henna is the a great substitute for deep hair conditioning when you’re looking for a natural alternative to deep conditioning hair.

When moisturizing

Moisturizing hair that has just been relaxed with heavy oils, is not the best idea as this can leave hair looking greasy. When moisturizing try using a leave-in hair conditioner that can double up as a moisturizer.

Managing Relaxed hair
To comb and style relaxed hair is a breeze, as relaxed hair needs less detangling time as to natural hair. To tie up you’re freshly relaxed hair try using ouchless rubber bands, as not to snag the hair shaft and break it while it’s in a ponytail.


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