I purchased a coconut water conditioner @ my local health food store (Earth Fare). It is a 32 oz. bottle of “Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Conditioner by: ALAFLA! IT smells amazing! It was on sale for $8.99; which is not bad for a huge bottle like this one!

Here is some information about the product:


Virgin coconut oil hydrates hair and scalp, absorbing rapidly to provide long-lasting weightless moisture and shine. Coconut water provides vitamins, minerals, and amino acids while African ginger stimulates the scalp for healthy looking and feeling hair.

I plan to use this conditioner to co-wash my hair, and hopefully I’ll have amazing results! It not that expensive, it is definitely worth $9.00! There are natural products that are $9.99 and its only 8 oz! You may know that i’m talking about, its @ TARGET!)

But anyhow, its just another product that you can try.. they also have a Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner, which comes in three different scents, Lavender, Vanilla Mint, and Unscented.  if you purchase it it runs about $12-$14.00, but try looking for it in a store. It can be purchased @ Whole Foods as well.


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