protective-stylesYou may hear a lot about “Protective Styling”. What is it, right? Well, protective styling is a way to give your hair a break from manipulation (excessive heat, breakage, etc.). A lot of people do protective styling for a period of time, three months, six months, or even 12 months. Personally, I like to do protective styles in the summer and winter as well.

Ways to accomplish PS (protective styling) is to do something to your hair where you do not have to constantly comb, brush, pull, detangle,blow dry, flat iron your hair. Try braids, twisted up-do, high-buns, sew-in’s (be careful; see kinkycurlyCoilyme for more information on sew-in’s for natural hair), or Bantu knots. I have been doing twist-outs, high buns, and Bantu knots.

Protective styling is any hair style that involves hiding or concealing  your hair (especially the ends) and also low manipulation, to ensure that you retain length and better health for your hair.

A lot of type 4 women have trouble with getting their hair to pass the length of their shoulders because they aren’t protecting their ends and hair from the friction created from harsh weather, lack of proper hair care, moisturizing, etc. Constant combing and handling of tightly coiled hair can be also be damaging since it’s so prone to breakage. But protective styles require very minimal manipulation, which is essential to helping to grow out kinky tresses.

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and it is important to protect them and treat them  in order for your hair to be long, thick and luscious. ~ Naturalology

Other people who do not really worry about length retention, do protective styles for the low-maintenance. A lot of women do not have the time or patience to be constantly twisting, braiding, or moisturizing their hair, so protective styling is also a reason for convenience!

You can take your protective styling up a notch by adding accessories. Some women do not like bland hair, so you can add beautiful accessories to pump it up a little!

So for whatever reason you choose to do protective styling, it is always a great way to help maximize hair strength, length, and overall health of your beautiful hair!



protecttive styling


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