Your hair loses natural oils, due to too much sunlight, harsh chemicals, shampoos, and dyes. A hair conditioner replaces these natural oils. After a few weeks of applying one or another of the following conditioners, your hair should be softer to the touch and more attractive!

  • Rub OLIVE OIL into your hair every 2-3 evenings before retiring.
  • If you want an oil mixture that is sweet-smelling, mix the following formula and apply it to your hair every so often: 1 oz. ROSEMARY OIL, 3 oz. SWEET ALMOND OIL, and 30 drops of  LAVENDER OIL!
  • Here is a formula that will keep your hair in a good conditioner: Add a little MARJORAM OIL to some OLIVE OIL and rub it into your hair. Every so often, mix a fresh batch.

If you have naturally oily hair, only apply one of the above essential oils, and do it once a week at the most.

  • If you have faded hair: Mix 1 oz. ROSEMARY OIL, and 1 oz.  COCONUT OIL, with 3 oz. sweet almond oil. Rub a small amount gently into your scalp every other night.

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