Many women know the difference between hair types and different hair textures. Texlax, hair is hair that is treated with the relaxer chemical; the process however is not allowed to develop fully.
On the other hand relaxer is the process done to totally straighten the hair fully and allow the relaxer to develop fully thus breaking down the hair protein bond which gives hair the straight texture.
Natural hair is what many would call ”Virgin hair” this is hair that has not been touched with any chemicals what so ever. The three textures and hair types are here explained.


Besides this being self-explanatory, I have heard many ladies say that once natural hair has been treated with the slightest chemical such as color, it no longer can be called natural but should be called texlaxed.
Natural hair is mainly hair that has never been treated with Chemicals such as the straightening chemical Relaxer or any chemical that would alter the hair structure. Natural hair is black hair that still is in the condition it was in when it came through the hair follicle.

Oils that are recommended for natural hair
Olive oil, as it is very heavy and rich in fatty acids. Olive oil is recommended as it has conditioning properties. Natural hair needs oils that are very rich and moisturizing.
Argan Oil, Argan oil is rich in anti-oxidants as well as it acts as a sunscreen to hair and skin. The reason Argan oil is recommended for natural hair, is because it’s moisturizing and will protect the hair shaft from sun damage leading to healthy hair that will retain its texture. The more damaged hair is from anything the less it will keep its texture over time hair that is not protected starts to look texlaxed.

Natural hair is not very porous as the cuticle has not been treated with any chemical that would lead to it opening up.


Texlaxed hair is natural hair that has been chemically treated using a straightening chemical that would break down some of the protein bonds in the hair shaft.
The process is done using relaxer and conditioner mixed together. Another way to texlax hair would be to apply the relaxer to your ”Virgin” natural and only leave it in your hair for half the time specified or even less depending on the texture you would like.

This process however should be done with caution as over processing can occur and you can end up having relaxed hair instead of texlaxed hair texture.

Oils recommended for Texlaxed hair

Jojoba oil: is my recommendation for Texlaxed hair as Jojoba oil acts as, natural sebum it will add nourishment to the hair shaft without weighing your hair down.
Glycerin: This is an excellent moisturizer as it forces the hair shaft to hold moisture. Texlaxed hair is hair that has had its hair shaft protein bonds broken down and it loses moisture a little more than natural hair tending to make it a little drier than natural hair as well.

Relaxed hair is hair that has been fully treated with the chemical used to straighten hair. The chemical used can be used to the roots and never on the hair shaft once you have relaxed a specific area of the hair shaft you should no longer relax it again as this can cause over processing and hair damage.

Oils recommended for relaxed hair
Avocado oil, as it acts as natural silicon, and includes protein. Relaxed hair needs more protein treatment, due to the fact that its protein bonds in the hair shaft have been broken down.
Neem Oil, Neem oil is a natural oil, that is made from peanut oil and herbs, peanut oil, is recommended for Relaxed hair as it will add extra protein thus help making the hair shaft strong again

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