When it comes to maintaining healthy hair, most people will tell you— moisture is the key.  In fact, “moisture, moisture, moisture” is one of the first things we learn as beginners in the big strange world of hair regimens and natural hair care.  When your head is home to one of the most amazing (and thirstiest) types of hair on the planet, you quickly learn the value of moisture.   Water is certainly not the enemy— or is it?  Besides the common battles we all face with the destruction of our hair style with the rain and humidity—water enjoys the role in another area of hair care.  Here are three reason why water could be an enemy to some of you!

1. Cleansing to OFTEN!

When we cleanse too often the water removes all the precious oil and moisture that it needs to stay soft and moist-turized! This does not mean that water strips that hair, no! Only when you cleanse your hair too often! Natural hair should be washed once a week; you have the choice of co-washing, no-pooing, or even clarifying to remove build-up!

Harsh shampoos containing SLS are the main reason why are hair is so dry, not knowingly, but it does strip the hair of its natural oils! We know that, right? There is absoultely nothing wrong with water and washing your hair during the week, however, try using another source of cleansing product like an Cleansing conditioner or just co-wash!

2. When the water is too HOT!

Not only is hot water drying to textured hair (color-treated or not), but hot water leads to hot hair which also fades and leeches color.  Always cleanse and condition your color-treated hair in warm to cool water. After conditioning the hair, do a final rinse in the coldest water you can stand. This final rinse will seal the cuticle and impart amazing shine to your strands.

3. When the water is too HARD!

Shampooing and conditioning your hair in hard water or water that is partially chlorinated will also strip your hair color.  Hard water loads the hair fiber down with metal ions and scale that can quickly evaporate your shine and vibrancy— not to mention dry your hair out to a crisp.

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