Long natural hairHealthy, long and beautiful hair has been as aspiration to many individuals since ages.  It is not that difficult task to grow long and beautiful hair. Neither does it require any salon beauty treatments, nor does it require any individual to take expensive multivitamins. Just a little of patience, common sense and dedication does the trick and one can feel the length and health of the hair progressing rapidly. Check out some natural care to grow your hair long and strong.

Hair Trimming: The first step towards the growth of long, healthy hair is to cut off every inch that is believed to be damaged and after that dust or trim your ends when  you feel as though they need a trim. A lot of people do not agree with the fact that dead ends do not have anything to do with healthy hair. This is not true? By hanging on to your dead ends with dear life will cause major set back in your hair retention journey.

It really depends on how you deal with your hair; if you manipulate your hair often, do not properly moisturize your hair, then you will probably need to trim more than you think. But if you are really caring for your natural hair with protective styling, moisturizing, conditioning, etc. than you will not have to trim your hair that often. Some natural women trim there hair 2’z a year at the max. Why? Because they are not manipulating their hair. They are moisturizing. They are carefully caring for it on a protective basis.

In order to grow the hair long, one has to keep the dead ends of the hair from splitting. Hence trimming the dead ends off and keeping them at bay by practicing hair moisturizing treatments, can prevent further damage.

Harsh chemicals: One must definitely avoid usage of harsh chemicals. If at all one needs to color hair, a good organic solution would be henna. But if you do decide to color your hair, make sure that you do moisturize your hair very well on a daily basis. Use products like Leave In Conditioners; and make sure that you incorporate ingredients like shea butter, honey, aloe vera, etc to keep the hair hydrated and moisturized  It is available in full range of colors and not just red. Besides the hair will also look plum in addition to the coloring of hair naturally. However, individuals having very dry hair should avoid treating the hair with henna.

Minimum Heat Styling: Regular use of appliances like blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers and flat irons can damage the hair. Hence, these must be used at the minimum level. Heat appliances such as hooded dryers and blow dryers are for good use on a minimum level.

Protective Styling: This is one of the best methods for low-manipulation practice. Protective styling can provide so many different benefits… if done correctly. You can read the full article on Naturalology about Protective Styling.

Hot oil treatments: Hot oil treatment once a week is absolutely necessary for growing long and healthy hair. One has to combine, depending on hair length, 1/4 c. Olive Oil, 1/4 c. Coconut Oil, and 10-15 drops of two essential oils of your choice. Warm gently on low heat. After testing its temperature inside the forearm, this mixture has to be massaged into hair, wrap it with warm towel or shower cap for 15-30 minutes and then condition to rinsed out.

Cleanse the Hair: Wash the hair at least every 1-2 weeks; to get rid of scalp build-up. To avoid moisture loss, use either a natural shampoo which are Sulfate-Free or try to Co-wash and/or Cleansing Conditioner!

Condition: Condition the hair to keep its moisture and retention. Your hair needs moisture, and if you are lacking any, use water, butter, and oils for that long-lasting moisture.

Hair treatments: Use things like hot oil, deep conditioning, egg protein treatments, or herbal or vinegar rinses to help remove build up balance the pH, and promote excellent circulation.

Patience: You must have it. Do not let anything or anybody discourage you. Take control of your hair today!

These are just some things that you can do to gain hair length retention. You go to the Grow Natural Hair fast page on Naturalology, for a list of article dealing with this subject.

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