Though many people might think that they are born with frizzy hair, but in reality, frizz is the breakage that occurs in wavy or curly hair. By nature, curly hair is very delicate. When the hair gets damaged and dry, the curls intend to frizz out. This situation is pretty common at places where the weather is hot and humid. However, there is nothing to fear, as there are many ways to keep the frizzy factor at bay. Check out some common home remedies to treat frizzy hair.

Liking curls: Firstly, one must learn to like curls. Hence acceptance of the natural texture of the hair is a vital step. Constant straightening of hair causes a great deal of damage, which adds to the harms with frizz. Hence one must work with the innate qualities of hair to easily manage the locks.

Overuse of styling: Perming, coloring or bleaching and overuse of styling products on hair can cause the problems with frizzy hair. Deep conditioning treatment once a week helps in the soothing and softening of hair and is the first step in dealing with the problem. Use of gel can help to control the unruly hair. Use of clarifying shampoo once a week also prevents the hair from frizzing.

Shampooing: Regular or frequent shampooing of hair tends to make the hair dry, especially, if you are using a sulfate shampoo. Hence it is better to avoid daily use of shampoo. This could prevent the development of frizzy hair. You can also avoid the frizzy look of shampoo either co-washing or using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Conditioner: Regular use of conditioner can keep the hair moisturized. Again finger detangling the hair when the conditioner is still in it helps the preventing of frizzing of hair.

Hairbrush: Wide-tooth comb is the best way to avoid frizzing and damage of hair. Use of the hair combs that helps in the straightening of tangles should be avoided by all means.

Deep Conditioning: This is what gives the hair that intense moisture that it needs that will result in non-frizzy, smooth, shiny hair. Do a deep conditioner every time you wash your hair.

DIY Hair Recipes: By creating your own products you know what is in them, how to use the, and what to use them for. Click here to see a list of recipes by Naturalology.


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