Our crowning glory, which is hair, needs some thoughts from our side to keep it in the best possible shape. It is very unfortunate that we seldom think or take care of hair, though we are quite conscious about the wrinkles of our skin and sagging of muscles with the increase of age. The result is hair thinning and arising of various hair problems like balding, dandruff, oily/ dry hair and so on. Adding a drop of essential oil to a spoonful of conditioner just before appliance is the simplest and quickest way to use aromatherapy in hair care. For massaging of the scalp, a mixture of ten drops of any essential oil with ½ ounce of carrier oil is a recommended aromatherapy for hair care.

Balding: Aromatherapy is an effective and safe treatment for hair loss and baldness. Stress, hormonal changes and medications are the common causes for baldness. Aromatherapy is used successfully to treat bald patches.

Hair loss and thinning hair: Rosemary is a woody herb that work wonders for both males and females in strengthening weak hair follicles from the shaft. Rosemary oil provides stronger and healthy hair and rosemary essential shampoo is the best natural shampoo for stimulating hair growth.

Dandruff: Cedar wood, lavender and patchouli work wonders if mixed together with a shampoo and used as a scalp massage in curing dandruff. In shampoos, these essential oils help in preventing dandruff and as a final hair rinse, lavender combined with lemon oil and diluted mineral water helps in restoring sheen in the dry and damaged hair.

Oily hair: Cedar wood and peppermint are a very effective treatment for both oily hair and oily skin. While peppermint stimulates and cools the scalp, both peppermint and cedar wood essential oil balances the oil production of the scalp by increasing blood circulation and cleaning out clogged follicles. Cedar wood oil especially helps to heal dandruff and thinning hair and adds a silky shine to the hair.

Dry hair: A number of essential oils are beneficial for dry skin on the scalp and dry and dull hair treatment. These oils are valuable in Aromatherapy and produce good results if used regularly. Lemon and rosemary essential oils work effectively for treating dry scalp as well as dandruff problems of the hair. These oils help in keeping the sebum of the hair from drying out.

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