How to Cure Dry and Frizzy Coils


Lets be for honest, curly/coily hair is totally awsome. This pattern can hold hold amazing two-strand twists, bantu-knots, and other great styles, and can be molded into many. Knowingly, our hair is known for its dryness, dullness, and annoying tangling problems. And you wonder, can i change that? Yes, you can! Try these steps to get the maximum benefits of kinky curly-coily hair!


After washing with a shampoo of your choice, put a kick to your conditioner, by adding an amazing oil such as EVOO, COCONUT, ALMOND, or JOJOBA. This will add shine and moisture, and also help with the detangling process. If you are not a “Mix tress”, but a lover of “pre-packaged” products, than I suggest that you use a de tangling shampoo or conditioner of your choice! There is however, a advantage to mixing up ingredients yourself.  One, you know what is in them, you do not have to worry about all the non-effective ingredients that we can face by using non-effective and non-nourishing hair care products, geared for African American hair, but not very helpful.


One reason why some African American women, who are natural,  dread their hair is because of the pulling, tangling, and detangling that they have to do  to accomplish a style. This is curable! Before you even start your detangling process, you need to make sure of two important things. One, make sure you have a smoothing conditioner or a conditioner that have “Slip”.  This is very important, when you her the term “Slip” do not be confused.  This simply means, that you can work the conditioner into the hair easily, while your hands are literally gliding through your hair. I could give a list of conditioners that do this, but for some naturals, one conditioner may not be a detangling conditioner for someone else.  To make things a little bit easier for you, just look for a Detangling Conditioner. And Two, start by using a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair. Even adding a light penetrating and moisturizing oil can help you with the detangling process and give your hair a wonderful shine.


Ever wondered why your hair is frizzy after spending quite a long time twisting? Maybe your not twisting small enough! There is nothing wrong with bigger twist, they do give volume, however, to avoid any unnecessary frizz try smaller twist! I would not suggest doing mini twists, unless, you are doing a protective style, other than that try doing medium size twists. Jumbo or Big twists are good for those who are pressed for time and need a quick fix or style to accomplish.


Water has lots of benefits for our body and health! And it is also an important part of our “natural hair experience!” We use water to help detangle, and moisturize as well. Above all, Water is the best moisturizer there is. Whenever styling your “natural” hair, use water along with an oil or cream to help with the shine, moisture, and softness!

There is a formula that is used for natural women to ensure that you have moisturized, soft, and healthy hair. Here you go:


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